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Supervised M.Sc. Students

1.           Continuous Reactive Extraction of Acetins as Fuel Additives Using Sub and Supercritical Ethyl Acetate via Transesterification, A. Shafie, in progress.

2.           Optimization of Continuous Synthesis of some Heavy Esters, N. S. Fasih, in progress.

3.           Alumina/Ni-Co Oxides, as a Catalyst for Ethanol and the Mixture of Ethanol and Ammonia Conversion to Valuable Products, Amin Javaheri Koupaei, Feb. 2014.

4.           Synthesis of Alumina, Silica, and Bentonite Aerogels using Supercritical Technology and Feasibility Study of Using them in Bioethanol Conversion Reaction, Mostafa Safarzadeh, Feb. 2014.

5.           Loading of Zinc­(II) Acetate and Essential Oil Drug in Polyethylene Glycol Using Supercritical CO2, F. Hashemi, co supervised with Dr. Hadadzade, Jan. 2013

6.           Synthesis of 2-Ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexanoate as a Sample of Heavy Ester in Continuous and Batch Reactors, H. S. Sajjadizade, Jan. 2013.

7.           Use of Silagel® and Bentonite as an Adsorbent for Reduction of Drain Effluents of Crop Silage, M. Mazaheri, August, 2010, co supervised with Dr. M. Khorvash.

8.           Use of Hydrogel® and Bentonite as an Adsorbent for Heavy and Toxic Metal Ions and Electroplating Waste Water Treatment, S. Azizi, August, 2010.

9.           Use of Hydrogel® and Bentonite as an Adsorbent for Phosphate and Nitrate Anions and Waste Water Treatment, S. Yaghobi, August, 2010, co supervised with Dr. Mirghaffari.

10.        Tosylation-Etherification of Ethanol Using Sub and Supercritical Ethanol, H. Rastegari, Oct., 2010.

11.        Hydrolysis in the Presence of CO2 as a Catalyst and Oxidation of STS in Sub and Supercritical Water and Optimization of Conditions Using Partial Factorial Design, J.S. Razavizadeh, April 7, 2010.

12.        Ternary Solubility Measurement and Selective Extraction of Mono- and Di-tert-Butyl Ethers of Glycerol by ScCO2, G. Paniri, March, 2010.

13.        Extraction of Essential Oil from Iranian Lavender by ScCO2 Using Semicontinuous and Periodic Static-Dynamic Method, H. Kamali, cosupervised with Dr. S.M Ghoreshi, March, 2009.

14.        Pressurized Fluid Extraction of Rice Bran Oil Using a Modified Supercritical Fluid Extractor and Central Composite Design for Optimization”, A. Kouchaki, 2008.

15.        Selective Extraction of Maleic and Phthalic Acid by ScCO2 Saturated with Trioctylamine, A Rahmanian, January, 2008.

16.        Extraction of Mannitol from Olive Tree Leaf by Using ScCO2 and Subcritical Water, R. Gholami Shahrestani, co supervised with Dr. S.M Ghoreishi, October 2007.

17.        Experimental Measurement of Fumaric Acid Solubility in ScCO2 and Theoretical Model Evaluation for Solubility Prediction, M. Sahihi, April 2007.

18.        Solubility of Maleic Acid and Phthalic Acid in ScCO2 at Pressure Range of 8.0-30.0 MPa and Temperature Range of 318.15, 333.15, and 348.15 K, Majid Haj Ebrahimi, 2005.

19.        Ternary Solubility Measurement of Butanol Structural Isomers in ScCO2 Systems, M. Amirabadi, March, 2004.

20.        Solubility Investigation of some Alcohols and Acids in Binary and Ternary ScCO2 Systems”, M. Rezayat, April, 2003.

21.        Solubility of Hexanoic Acid and Butyl Acetate in ScCO2”, Mohammed Nikravesh, March, 2002.

22.        Extraction of Vincristine and Vinblastine from Vinca Rosea by Solvent and scCO2 and their Identification by Spectroscopic Methods” Neda Gassami, co-supervised with M. Yalpani, April, 2001.

23.        Recovery of Aqueous and Organic Waste of Phthalic Anhydride and Dioctyl Phthalate Plant of Farabi Petrochemical Complex” Taghi Nateghi, co-supervised with M. Yalpani, 2000.

24.        Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves by ScCO2”, Farahbakhsh e Moradi Chameh, co-supervised with M. Ghoreishi, October, 2000.

25.        Measurement of Oleic Acid, Co(acacen)(BA)2.ClO4, and Co(acacen)(tldn)2.ClO4 Solubility in ScCO2”, E. Janghorban, co supervised with Mohsen Mohsennia, July, 1998.

26.        Spectrophotometric Determination of Periodate and Study of Acidic Wastes of PTSA Plant and its Heat of Neutralization”, Saiid Zakeri, co supervised with A.A. Ensafi, March, 1998.

27.        Construction of Quartz Crystal Microbalance and its Application in the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide”, Alireza Shahnooshi, co supervised with Dr. M. Tabrizchi, November, 1998.

28.         “Extraction by ScCO2, Purification, and Identification of Main Constituents of Pistachio Nut Green Shell”, Ishagh Shahrak Nadimi, January, 1997.

29.        Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Purification, and Identification of Main Constituents of Asafoetida”, Aliasghar Ghorbani, supervised by H.S. Ghaziaskar, and M. Ghiaci, January, 1997.

30.        Extraction of Safflower Seed Oil by ScCO2”, F. Daneshvar, May, 1996.